Industrial Subdivision, Eastern Creek


Client:         AWJ Civil


Contract:    $895k


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Nature and scope of works

  • Install 1,419m-off 2x50mm + 6x125mm footpath conduits.
  • Install 1,381m-off 100mm NBN conduit.
  • Haul 500m-off 300mm2 – 3 Core Cu HV cable.
  • Haul 1,820-off 240mm2 – 3 Core Cu HV cable.
  • Haul 90m-off 70mm2 – 4 Core Cu LV cable.
  • Haul 1,830m-off 16mm2 – 1 Core street lighting cable.
  • Install 5-off type 5 NBN pits.
  • Install 12-off type 8 NBN pits.
  • Install 1-off 1000kVA padmount substation.
  • Install 2-off 1500kVA padmount substation.
  • Replace 1-off existing switchgear.
  • Install 14-off type 2 ragbolts.
  • Install 14-off 7.0m streetlight columns with 4.5m outreach.
  • Install 14-off 100W Luminaire.
  • Install 1-off Streetlight control point.
  • Install all jointing requirements.
  • Install all earthing requirements.


Gremalco’s works were completed ahead of schedule which allowed our client, AWJ Civil, to maximise their work productivity.