We’re all about finding solutions to complex challenges. We call them opportunities.

We deliver a range of services across the electrical, water and wastewater, gas and telecommunications networks. We add value at every stage of your project – from planning, design, project management and construction. We make your project run smoothly so you can focus on your deliverables.

Our integrated project teams can provide guidance on a prospective project’s requirements and ways to optimise construction and delivery outcomes.

  • Authority requirements
  • Constructability and design alternatives
  • Program and construction staging
  • Materials
  • Design reviews for constructability and impacts on other head contractor scope/project deliverables
  • Concept and detailed design coordination
  • Budget costing provision
  • Design options
  • Program development and management
  • Resource planning
  • Stakeholder coordination and consultation
  • Authority liaison and approvals
  • Materials and resource procurement
  • Community relations and liaison
  • Subcontractor management
  • Ancillary services and consultant coordination including temporary works design, traffic management, hygienists, geotech, structural and archaeologists and others
  • Risk management and mitigation

We install, relocate, divert and upgrade utilities infrastructure. This involves:

  • electrical assets (22kV to 132kV) including jointing, hauling and terminations, earthing and underboring
  • kiosk and padmount substations
  • temporary power supply (LV415 to HV 11kV)
  • transmission lines and feeders
  • street lighting
  • watermains (DICL, OPVC, MSCL, Sintokote MSCL, HDPE/PE), sliplining HDPE/PE watermains
  • stormwater and gas (Poly, MSCL)
  • sewer mains (VC, OPVC, GRP, HDPE)
  • gas assets
  • internal, underground and aerial telecommunications infrastructure

We also take care of all other site and civil works including:

  • Site establishment
  • Civil works including pavements, footpaths, cycleways and retaining walls
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Pavement saw cutting/core drilling
  • Boring services
  • Bulk and details excavation
  • Asbestos removal and disposal
  • Material procurement, warehousing and logistics