Prospect to Macarthur Link (Electrical Works)


Client:         Acciona for Sydney Water

Contract:    $4m



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The Prospect Macarthur Link Infrastructure project involves the upgrade of existing water reservoirs at Liverpool and Cecil Park and includes the construction of two new reservoirs at Oran Park. This will allow for an extra 100 megalitres of additional reservoir capacity in Western Sydney. The project also includes the construction of 15 kilometres of additional pipework, three pumping stations and upgrades to the existing network.

As part of Sydney Water’s Prospect to Macarthur Reservoir (ProMac) project, Gremalco were engaged as a Principal Contractor to install new electrical HV supplies to new key water assets. These included Liverpool Pump Station, Harrington Park Pump Station and Oran Park Reservoir.

As part of these works, Gremalco installed 11.7 kilometres of new HV cable, five underbores, four switching stations and one padmount substation. Work areas varied between established and new urban environments.

Gremalco was the Principal Contractor for the installation of new HV assets at three locations on the Prospect to Macarthur Link project.

Key Challenges and Opportunities

The project team identified and worked through numerous challenges and risks that could have resulted in progress impediments, including:

  • having to utilise existing ducts and solving issues associated with duct blockages.
  • known and unknown services that impact underbore installations.
  • tight delivery timeframes made even more challenging through the most stringent COVID-19 restrictions period.
  • ensuring minimal impact to the community including four local schools in the Cecil Hills area.
  • working with the client to space-proof areas of planned construction and providing viable solutions to issues encountered.
  • site access restrictions.